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Why does Easter matter?
Award-winning, DVD-based family and group studies for Easter

cal content by Revd. Stephen Gaukroger with activities for groups including family groups!
The Easter story is a vivid, life-changing demonstration of how much God loves human beings and what he was ready to sacrifice so that they may come back to him.

The five sessions include an in-depth look at these Bible stories:
1 - Ep 35 - Jesus rides into Jerusalem
2 - Ep 36 - Jesus and the Widow's offering
3 - Ep 37 - The Last Supper and Jesus' arrest
4 - Ep 38 - Jesus carries his cross and the Crucifixion
5 - Ep 39 - Jesus seen on the road (to Emmaus)

Each session features: Prayer time; Session background; Friends and Heroes episode; Bible reading; Question time, plus all-age optional extras: games, puzzles, quizzes. All in high-quality, printable form on the special CD-ROM, in this pack. Pack also includes publicity material for your course: posters, flyers and cards ready for you to enter your details and then print as many as you need. Please note: This CD-ROM contains all the material as PDF files - you will need view the PDF files using Adobe's free Reader software.

Also includes the specially-written song: Remember Me, sung by Samuel Cox! Click here to listen to a sample.

This five-session course was created with everyone in mind but in particular we have created it for 'groups' of people who are meeting together to meditate in some way on the Easter story.

What is unique about this course is that it includes children, making it ideal for a family or even a group of families to use together.

Available as a complete pack including the DVD and as a file download or on CD-ROM for those who already have the DVD. You can purchase this innovative resource here!

Why does Easter Matter?
Why does Easter matter?
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An award-winning, DVD-based family and group study resource for Easter.