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Public Display Licence

To show What's in the Bible? DVDs in public it is necessary to have a valid Public Display Licence as these DVDs are not covered by any other licensing scheme and are only produced for home viewing.

You will need a licence if you have purchased any What's in the Bible? DVD and intend to use it for public viewing.

Who can be Licensed?

There are two classes of licensee - Personal and Organisation:
  • A Personal Licence permits the named person to display the DVDs at a showing which they present. As an example, it is ideal for someone who travels to several schools or churches during the course of a week.
  • An Organisation Licence permits the named organisation to display the DVDs at showings on their premises. As an example, it is ideal for a church which may be using the DVDs in their children's ministry as there are often different teachers working on a rota basis.
For an audience of greater than 500 or for a charged event please contact us.
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What's in the Bible? - Single Display Licence 1-500 attending Annual Licence - No Admission Charge - 1-500 attending What's in the Bible? Lifetime Licence - 1-500 attending
Single Use Licence without charges: audience of 1-500.

Annual Licence covering any number of viewings without charges: audience of 1-500.

Lifetime Licence without charges: audience of 1-500.

These DVDs are the result of a huge amount of effort by a large number of people, that's why they looks so good! Many of these people depend on income from licensing to provide their livelihood and it also allows us to continue providing and developing quality materials. Please respect international copyright laws which make it clear that any public performance of this material requires a licence, separate to the purchase of a DVD itself.

Although a licence is necessary for ALL public showings, What's in the Bible? waives this requirement and charges no licence fee for a single family occasion taking place within the family home, and only showing to a group of children (for example at a birthday party or other family celebration), where no fee is charged.

In order to show our DVDs in public (whether or not an admission fee is charged) you must obtain a licence from us. These are available at a very reasonable price. For clarity, our DVD products are not covered by licences available from CCLI or any other source.

Note that the public display of material recorded from a broadcast is not permitted unless, in the UK only, under the terms of an Educational Recording Agency (ERA) licence by bona-fide UK educational establishments for educational purposes only.